Website Testing to Maximize ROI

Travel writer Harvey Chipkin wrote in MediaPost today about the importance of testing web sites frequently to ensure their maximum potential. He highlighted the experience of Italian airline Alitalia, a Webtrends Optimize customer, as a successful example. Here are highlights from the article: 

“When it comes to websites – no matter the platform or device – looks count. It shouldn’t be forgotten amidst all the wiz bang apps and devices and that the way a web page appears on a computer, tablet or phone remains crucial. In fact, the recent experience of Alitalia, the Italian flag carrier, demonstrates the potential of testing web pages on an ongoing basis to see what works.

The carrier hired Webtrends, which has a solution called Webtrends Optimize that combines software and a team of consultants to test and retest pages to insure maximum bookings.

The result: Alitalia claims an increase in online bookings of more than 7% in three months Some background: Alitalia, with services online in 31 countries and in 14 languages, sees 5 million visitors to its page every month. The airline wanted to offer the best possible user experience with a simple online purchasing process – and Webtrends Optimize promised a testing and targeting solution that would enable deeper visitor engagement and improved conversion an revenue. Optimize combines a selection of test types that allow clients to identify and target their most valuable customer segments, and then target these specific segments with customized campaigns, offering real-time relevant content.

In a brief period, according to Nicola Arnese, vice president, e-commerce for Alitalia, the click-through conversions jumped 6%, a significant result with a base of 2000,000 visitors a day. Also, there was an increase of 500 online bookings over three weeks – a substantial revenue boost.

…“If you want to stay ahead of your competition and maximize your investments on your web and mobile site,” says Tracie Caroopen, a director at Webtrends,  “you are losing money if you are not doing testing. This is consumer-led decision making.”

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